Shine Bright Box- Christmas

Reading is a key tool to achieving intellectual wellness. Little Lights Literature Co's Shine Bright Box was created to highlight the additional benefits of reading. When you read together aloud it can be a substantial tool in achieving social, and spiritual wellness! 

Engaging with the entire family unit will help the entire community.

Our Christmas Boxes will be back!
-3 Books
-Ornament Craft
-Advent Calendar! 

This is perfect for family bonding! 
Sales start on 11/1/2019!
Sales end on 11/20/2019
Shipping starts on 11/21/2019 (we want to be sure you get your Christmas box before 12/1/2019! 

We will impact the entire community, one family and with one book at a time.
This box will:
-encourage children to shine bright at all times, by being book smart, spiritually grounded, also to love and believe and themselves!
-aid in our goal of creating a community of young readers to produce a loving culture of reading
-create familial wellness, by strengthening the bonds with the people closest to us.
Let Little Lights Literature Co. aid in building a home library of beautiful stories to build a brighter future for your little light(s)!
  • Processing

    Each Box is custom made, and takes 7 days to create. 
    Our owner, Ameena personally selects each book, preps all the activities/crafts, by hand, and places each item in the box one at a time. 
    Please allow 10 days total for the arrival of your Shine Bright Box.